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Monday, September 1, 2008

Chapter 1, Let's ask ourselves some of these questions and let's hear what you think

1. What is sociology? A one sentence answer.
2. Why do children from lower class or working class backgrounds have more problems at school and leave with fewer qualifications?
3. Sociological significance of drinking coffee (from the textbook)
a) Why do people get together for coffee where you're from?
b) Who do you meet for coffee, why?
c) Which coffee shop do you normally frequent or meet at, why?
4. Why is the difference between sociology and common sense?
5. The SG suggests crime is socially defined (page 20, I think), do you agree with this, why or why not?

*NOTE #2: Anomie is mentioned in both the text (Gidden's Sociology) and in the SG, I think we should note this. Also rationalisation, Marx, Weber, and Berger (Invitation to Sociology), I think we should really remember what the SG has to say about these guys

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  1. this is what i think!!!!

    1. sociology is the study of human behaviour in a particular society.

    2.becuase of lack of funds and resourses

    3. for a business meeting, to interact socially