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Saturday, October 11, 2008

For those of you that don't know what to do for Section C, my breakdown

Just read the study guide on Section C, so based on the study guide, race & ethnicity is its own thing, you don't have to read other related materials whereas Power, Gender, Social Inequality & Social Injustice, Religion & Society, Power in Society, The sociology of organizations, you have to read a lot of cross reference materials.

The reason I chose race & ethnicity (over social inequality & social injustice) is because growing up in the US and Japan, even amongst my own people we saw each other differently, even though I always saw ourselves as Korean, and the racism that is so prevalent in the US, even though things changed on the surface level, (laws, census, etc), the xenophobia, the racism, etc didn't go away.

Race & ethnicity: it's self contained in the sense that, there are no related reading materials (cross reference) but if there's not that problem in Trinidad leave it alone!!!!

BUT or HOWEVER, if you want to get ready for next year (BSc Management), the sociology of organizations might be the way to go because its related to the management class 107 Introduction to business and management but if it's something you're not passionate about, don't do it. I'm sure not, then again, it may prepare you for the class next year. Your choice. But I'll list the pros & cons for ya:

Gender - Gender & equality, probably a lot of focus on feminists, role of gender in society, families etc. If there's no ERA women where you're at or perhaps you don't have to fill traditional gender roles (of women of Indian descent) or you don't have a problem filling the gender roles, etc. This is not for you.

Social inequality & social injustice - if you're a first generation immigrant (you came with your parents) this may be the topic for you. Access to educational, economic, legal activities. e.g. if a white Brit or US citizens goes to court will they get less time than a so-called minority (in the US, the answer unfortunately is a staggering yes, don't know about the UK though). Educational opportunities - Do you have access to equally good education as your white counterpart, if you're not white? In the US, people have to go to public schools within their neighborhood (zones) and the more economically disadvantaged the neighborhood, the lower the quality of education. Economic opportunities - promotions, getting that job after graduation, any pay disparities? Very interesting topic but there's so much about Marx, & Weber and sociological theories we have to remember to argue our agreement or disagreements!!!!!!!!!

Religion & Society: Are you Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist? How do you fit within the parameters of society, globalization, modernity? Gotta become an expert on Section B for this one!!!!Research methods too!!!

Power in society - hope this is self explanatory, Marx, Weber, etc.

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