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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What we should get out of the Study Guide Chapter 1


After reading Chapter One, you should be able to:

  • Define sociology and examine the components of the sociological perspective.
  • Explain the importance of a global perspective for sociology.
  • Examine how social marginality and social crisis encourage people to use the sociological perspective.
  • Identify and describe four benefits of using the sociological perspective.
  • Identify and discuss three social changes especially important to the development of sociology.
  • Identify and describe the three-stage historical development of sociology as a science.
  • Discuss the importance of theory in sociology.
  • Summarize the main assumptions of the three major theoretical approaches in sociology.
  • Discuss the application of the three approaches to the sociology of sport.
  • Define social interaction and identify its components.
  • Distinguish between ascribed and achieved status and describe master status.
  • Distinguish between role set, role strain, and role conflict.
  • Discuss the extent to which reality is socially constructed.
  • Explain the Thomas Theorem.
  • State the purposes of ethnomethodological research.
  • Outline the characteristics of Goffman’s dramaturgical analysis.
  • Discuss the importance of nonverbal communication in human social interaction.
  • Examine ways in which gender influences personal performances, including use of language.
  • Examine the character of humor.
  • Explain the major elements of social interaction by focusing on three dimensions of everyday life: emotions, language, and humor.

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