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Monday, October 6, 2008

Sociology Chapter 1 SG Questions

Hey guys here's the SG Chapter 1 activities questions, if you guys want me to send you a copy of the word doc, please email me & I'll be happy to send you a copy of the doc, and let's answer the questions and self critique each other. DON'T PROCRASTINATE, AND LET'S BE BRUTALLY HONEST.


Study Guide, Chapter 1 Activities:


Activity 1.1 A changing world:

Write down five ways that your life is different from that of your mother (if you are female) and your father (if you are male) when they were your age. If you cannot compare yourself with a parent for some reason, then choose another relative or acquaintance 20-30 years older than you.

Activity 1.2 What is sociology?

Before reading any further, let's answer the following questions

  1. What do you think sociologists study?
  2. How do you think a sociologist's understanding of some aspect of social life would be different from 'commonsense' understanding?

Activity 1.3 Making the familiar strange. (See page 20)

Activity 1.4 Social & sociological problems – Which of the following do you think are better described as 'social problems' and which do you think are better described as 'sociological problems'?

  1. Rising divorce rates in your society.
  2. The role of educational institutions in modern societies.
  3. How societies change.
  4. The organization of economic production in your society.
  5. Unemployment.
  6. Illegal drug use.

Activity 1.5 Marx & Weber today: alienation & creativity (see page 25 of the SG).

Do you think either or both of these ideas apply to your society or to your personal experiences? Can you think of some examples that:

  1. Illustrate:
  2. Contradict Marx & Weber's views (Chapter 4, section 4.2)


Activity 1.6 Self & Society: (See page 27 of the SG)












Activity 1.7 Gender differences

Write down 5 differences if you were the opposite sex, out of these differences which do you think are biological or societal.


Activity 1.8 Roles

Write a few brief notes about some of the expectations you think are placed on them (page 28-29)

Activity 1.9 Personal Identity.

  1. If so, ask yourself why you think you have developed this view of yourself.
  2. What do you think have been some of the most important influences on the way you see yourself?
  3. Are there any particular incidents that stand out as being particularly important?
  4. Also ask yourself how much the social expectations and the reactions of other people influence your behavior.


Activity 1.10 Spoiled identity?

Think about how & why people suddenly react differently to us.


Activity 1.11 A new you?

Did changing yourself work? If so, did you notice people reacting to you differently. Did this affect the way you thought about yourself?

Activity 1.12 Presentation of self.

Do you think Goffman's right? Plus can you think of recent developments in technology that now give people more scope to present different identities?


Activity 1.13 Taking the rold of the other – Daniel's day. (page 34 & 35)


Activity 1.14 Parsons & Mead.


Activity 1.15 (reanswer the Activity 1.2 question)

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